source link ”Sometimes an idea can happen like this, unexpectedly. Even during a simple walk. It is amazing how some things can turn out to be extraordinary if you pay attention to what you are looking at. One thing I always try to do and that often makes me discover the ”hidden” beauty in everyday life. For example, have you ever tried to observe carefully the doorphones? In Venice they are beautiful and very special. I noticed that by accident during my last trip in this beautiful city. And while everyone was fascinated by the beauty of Piazza San Marco and Ponte di Rialto, I began walking around the narrow streets looking for these little wonders. Thus is born ATTENZIONI, a series of graphics that invite us to observe our daily life with curiosity, going beyond the first impression. Because beauty can be anywhere, even where you least expect it.” Exhibition title: ”Attenzioni: Venice Series”. Exhibition dates: 4/6 – 18/6 2012.

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