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click here Helene Gedda was born in Linköping and raised in Östersund, Sweden. Illustrator and designer, former employee at the renowned Illustrating Agency Rithuset in Stockholm. Since 2008, owner of a production company with focus on design and art projects. The Debut Exhibition ”I’m sorry, the gentleman must die” was shown at the old Färgfabriken in Östersund 2011.

The exhibition ”The North Country” is a series of illustrations about tree lines and what it is like to live in a place where people want to be like the mountains and have the forest in their legs. It’s a place where a Southerner takes his family to give firs on the jaw and make their children a second generation of northerners. The North Country is also a short story about being in the middle of a place that has its own land and with no desire to move. Perhaps as a reaction to something, perhaps driven only by itself. Perhaps because it is a pride to know it’s own countryside.
At the centre of the exhibition are eight images and a short story about being on a site without knowing anything about it. Exhibition title: ”The North Country / Norra Landet”. Exhibition dates: 14 – 28/11 2013.