footfetishbb About Jon Gredmark: ”My story begun in the Eighties Stockholm. Growing up, my biggest interests were drawing, music and history, a combination that is visible in most of my work. When I was a kid I was, just as many other kids are, obsessed by drawing. In my case though the obsession didn’t decrease over the years. Thanks to the Swedish Postal Service, where I used to work extra, I didn’t have to worry about economy, which means that I did my hours and rest of the time I worked in peace with my art. Around 2009 it was time to leave the Postal Service. Since then I have done illustrations and paintings for record covers, magazines and theaters etc., and now I am also a student at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. My pictures has been described as ”an unholy alliance between sad indie-music classic style hip-hop.” Exhibition title: ”We’re not going to make it”. Exhibition dates: 28/11 – 12/12 2012.