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Jonas Norway is an illustrator, graphic designer and comic book artist. His work first appeared on alternative prints and posters in the mid nineties and has since found its way to book covers, record sleeves and magazines. During the years Norway has produced work for many obscure acts in the music scene such as Lightning Beat Man, The Manikins, The Minds and the Rip Offs. He collects inspiration from adverts, package designs and movies from the early 20th century and use a cut and paste method inherited from the punk scene. In his work you often find a combination of the bizarre, awkward and witty.
The exhibition at Talent Gallery can be read like a comic posted on a wall but each element also works as a separate piece of art. As in most of his work the theme revolves around escapism. The exhibition features original drawings, giclee prints, offset prints and screen prints. Jonas Norway works from Sweden and has no connection to Norway. Exhibition title: ”The Escape of Neil Kazansky”. Exhibition dates: 31/1 – 14/2  2013.