autopzionibinarie com è una buona piattaforma di azioni binarie I’m a freelance graphic designer who always listens to my gut feeling and a very selected, peculiar, buffet of indie music. With a hearty passion for typography, philosophy and art direction, I’m a hunter for perfection with a strong fondness for the minimalistic approach. I have a degree in media and communication studies through a graphic design program at Linnaeus University. I’ve also studied printing techniques at Mid Sweden University and graphic design at Nottingham Trent, UK. I’m originally from Sundsvall located smack-dab in the middle of Sweden. Though the last couple of years I’ve been tap dancing between Kalmar and Nottingham together with ad-libbed tours to Kuala Lumpur and London. Only to – blimey – temporarily end up in Sundsvall again. With experience from different advertising agencies and digital dittos, I’m currently freelancing through a design studio. And alongside my everyday work, I love making posters. Particularly typographical posters. Now, for the first time ever, I’ve gathered some of them in an exhibition. Exhibition dates: 23/5 – 6/6 2013.

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