Peow Studio

iqopzioni We are the first dedicated Risograph printing and publishing studio located in central Stockholm. We use a Riso RP3700 and currently have six colors (and counting). For those living in Sweden with no idea what a risograph printer is, if you’ve seen a beautiful fanzine that looks and feels screen printed, but it isn’t screen printed, chances are that it’s probaby a risograph print. Traditionally risograph printers have been a cost effective and fast photocopying alternative in schools and office environments, but its similarities to screen printing and the vivid colors open up a wide range of unique printing opportunities, resulting in one-of-a-kind feeling prints. Risograph printing can be ideal for artistic and graphic prints, brochures, invitations, posters, fanzines, postcards, stickers, custom envelopes, or just making your stuff look awesome. Exhibition title: ”Peow! Studio’s 1st Riso Print Show”. Exhibition dates: 23/11 – 24/11 2012.